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For many years I had a slogan that went "From top to bottom inside and out" and that is because you engineer from the top down and build from the ground up.  But building from the ground

  1. Build the Foundation - Create a relationship of understanding your needs, hopes and priorities. This is the foundation that will hold up through the process until completion.
  2. Build the Structure - Do not sweat the details let my experience at giving complete proposals properly marrying selected finishes guide a efficient plan of action that achieves high expectations within the budget. I am the facilitator of your remodeling project not the Decision Maker.  In building the foundation we will have had already selected a budget to suite your needs and address your priorities.
  3. Finish with Finesse- Exceeding the expectations by staying on schedule with good work ethics and keeping in  constant contact so the relationship foundation is constantly hardening and is being strengthened.

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